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All industries need simplified systems to help manage and grow their business.

For small business owners located in Boston, MA, our online trainings, webinars, and resources will help you grow you business. What makes us different is we have taken business processes that can be overwhelming and simplified them into smaller tasks that make them easier to accomplish. 

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Are you a business owner in one of the following sectors and are you located in Boston, MA?


Simplified Works will help you in the beginning stages, including developing your brand and implementing a marketing plan.  

Business Basics

What do you need to do to get started or make sure your existing business has the right infrastructure in place? We can help.

Finance & Reporting

Your finances are what help run your business and help tell the story about how your business is doing. We’ll help you get them back on track. 

Project Management

Do you feel like you are utilizing time to the best of your ability? Productivity and project management are key in managing projects and managing tasks.

Human Resources

At Simplified Works, we want to help make sure you have all the policies in place to protect your business and your employees. 


You can buy all the software you want but you need to be utilizing it to get a return on your investment. 


Sales training and tools can also help your team learn the techniques to drive growth. 

Webinar spotlight

Introduction to Chart of Accounts

A chart of accounts is an index of all the financial accounts in the general ledger of a company. In short, it is an organizational tool that provides an easy breakdown of all the financial transactions that a company conducted during a specific accounting period. Register for our webinar to learn more!

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